Pair of Air Jordan’s used as key evidence against Aaron Hernandez

Then there are the shoes. Hernandez was seen on surveillance cameras in his home and at a gas station wearing Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Lows in a size 13. That model was new to the market in 2013, and only 93,000 of all sizes were in circulation. State police were able to match a footprint close to Lloyd’s body to a size 13 Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Low. During the initial investigation, the police took photos of Hernandez’s shoe closet, pictures that show three models of shoes whose prints were found at the crime scene, including the Air Jordans. When police realized the significance of the shoes and returned with a search warrant, the footwear was no longer in the house, but an empty box for a pair of size 13 Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 Lows was found.

At one point in the trial, the prosecution used video surveillance to show Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, leaving the basement of the couple’s home with a white trash bag and a large box and placing into the trunk of her sister’s car. Shaneah Jenkins testified that her sister asked to borrow her car the day after the murder to get cash to pay the housekeepers, who testified that they were instead paid with a check.

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